Custom Gold Fender Stratocaster

When I think of Prince at the mic stand with a guitar strapped across his body, I rarely think of Prince with a Stratocaster. But his love affair with Strats extended from 2003 to 2011, starting with the custom blue Strat, and ending with him regularly playing a collection of them – in Red, Orange, Purple, and the most recognisable of all – this custom Gold Stratocaster.

The luthier that created the Gold Stratocaster is Belarussian Fender master builder Yuriy Shishkov. He has recounted the story both in press interviews and via his Instagram account. According to Yuriy he had a dream of creating a guitar completely covered in gold leaf, but who would ever want such a gaudy guitar?  Later, and completely co-incidentally he was approached by one of the Fender’s sales reps, who asked him if he could create such an instrument for Prince.

Yuryi has shared some very high quality photos of the guitar in his workshop they are worth checking out.

The guitar appeared on the cover of the tour programme for his 21 night residency at the LA Forum in April and May 2011, and on advertisements for various tour dates in the US and Europe. Prince was apparently very happy with his extraordinarily unique instrument.

But given the craftwork that went into the guitar (and presumably the $$$$ too), its life was short-lived. In April 2011 the guitar was auctioned for charity, raising $100,000 for the charity Harlem Children’s Zone. The buyer was Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, although sadly I can’t find any photos of Lewis with his guitar.

On 13th April 2011 Prince was asked about the upcoming auction during an interview segment on Lopez Tonight, during which he pulls out the guitar and says how much he will miss it. But there’s a problem…the guitar now appears to have been fitted with a Floyd Rose tremolo, just like his Blue Strat. I guess there are a couple of possibilities here. Either it’s a prop and not the same guitar… or the real Gold Strat had a Floyd Rose fitted before it was auctioned. I can’t find any other evidence of Prince with a Gold Strat fitted with a FR tremolo. It could be possible that Prince put his beloved instrument up for auction because, now fitted with the trem, it was no longer meeting his needs.

Unless we see a photo of the guitar that Lewis Hamilton actually bought, we may never know if this was a prop or not. I haven’t seen a second Gold Strat at Paisley Park or displayed on the My Name Is Prince tour. If you have an answer please do let me know.

[UPDATE May 2019: I have just returned from attending Celebration at Paisley Park, where they did display a Gold Strat in Studio A – in a small display called Suits and Strats. This Gold Strat was not fitted with a tremolo, so I suspect that it is the same guitar that Prince used, and that the guitar sold to Lewis Hamilton had the Floyd Rose fitted. Until we see a photo of the guitar that was sold at auction, we will never know for sure]