Prince was a master of style. He carefully chose his outfits to suit his current music style. And he also invested in good quality guitar straps to compliment both his outfit and guitar of choice.

For his Cloud guitars, Prince had straps handmade, dyed to match the colour of the specific cloud that was in use. David Rusan, who is now making cloud guitars again, has recently said that he has approached the original creators of Prince’s straps, and they still have the original colour swatches meaning that he is able to commission colour accurate straps to go with the guitars he is building. Very cool.

With other guitars Prince used a variety of straps, appearing to favour those made by Get’m Get’m – a strap designer based in Hollywood CA. These straps do not come cheap – but they are top quality. Their range includes the iconic Leopard skin strap that Prince used with his Madcat. Prince also used the Get’m Get’m Indochine strap with his Vox guitars, and with his custom purple Taylor acoustic.

Also out there are Bluebird Guitar Straps. These guys in the Netherlands make a couple of interesting straps – a yellow strap designed to match a yellow cloud guitar, and woven version of the purple love symbol metal-and-fabric strap he used with his purple symbol guitar.

It is worth looking out for Get’m Get’m straps on ebay – they do come up from time to time. It is also possible to order them on, sometimes at a much lower price than direct from the manufacturer.